• We offer you:
  • Acupuncture (Tiny, Sterile, Disposable needles)
    Chinese Herbal Medicine (Raw herbs and Herbal extracts)
    Pattern Formula (Pills, Tablets, Capsules)
    Topical Formula (Cream, Oil, Plaster)
    Acupressure therapy
    Auricular acupuncture
    Moxa, Heat therapy
    Lump heat therapy
    Food therapy,
    Tui na, Qi gong and Tai ji

  • In Xing Lin, you will be helped with:
  • Man and Woman Infertility
    IVF support
    Fibroid, ovary cyst
    Irregular ovulation
    Irregular hormone level (such as high FSH, E2)
    Irregular menstruation (Early or delayed menstrual cycle, Profuse or scanty period)
    Morning sickness
    Back pain and headache during pregnancy
    Labor support
    Recurrent Miscarriage
    PMS (premenstrual symptoms)
    POCS (Symptoms of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)
    Menopausal Symptoms
    Sexual Dysfunction

    Pain management
    Musculoskeletal Pain
    Fibromyalgia syndrome Injury

    General Health Conditions:
    Migraine Headache
    Chronic nagging cough, asthma,
    Digestive problem
    Depress, stress and anxiety