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  • What is Acupuncture?
  • Acupuncture is a safe, painless, effective form of health care that helps body repair, maintain and keep balance by itself. Insertion with fine, sterile, disposable needles at the typical points on the body, reorganize energy, connected body channels and unblock the stagnation.

  • What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?
  • As a result of over 5000 years of medical practice, it is generally acknowledged that there are now as many as 1800 herbs that have proved to be effective in the treatment of diseases, of which 300-400 are commonly used herbs. Doctors of herbal medicine who have gone through strict training are capable of working out eventually the remarkable prescriptions for the patients according to the healing properties, flavors and the particular channels they act on. Only by so doing, can the doctor help the patient to make an effective adjustment and hope to regulate the body so as to regain the balance. Take for instance; we often use the tonic herbs to nourish the uteruses that have suffered recurrent miscarriages. Herbs that can clear the heat and remove the toxic materials and herbs that can strengthen the spleen functions to eliminate dampness are also used extensively.

  • Do you feel pain during the acupuncture treatment?
  • Usually there is no pain at all. But, sometimes, the acupuncture physicians will manipulate the needles in a more forceful manner at certain points. Sensations such as a little distention, numbness and soreness would be felt. That is, however, good sign because this is known as "De Qi" which means your energy has already been effectively manipulated and has started to flow inside the body as desired.

  • How many treatments and how long does it take to get well?
  • This would depend on the particular case and particular person. As a rule, cases are different and people also vary from person to person. However, for some mild cases, patients usually feel improvement with 2-3 treatments. As for the chronic and severe cases, one section (6 treatments) is initially recommended. Further treatment plans would then be presented based on the follow-up examinations. Most patients will see obvious improvement even during the treatment period.

  • What are the beneficial effects of Acupuncture and Chinese herbs:
  • Build up energy and immune system,
    Nourish organs and channels,
    Regulate hormone and blood circulation,
    Reduce water retention
    Transform food stagnation
    Harmonize emotion
    Eliminate pathogenic factors and detoxic