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  • Sharing cases

    Case 1: A female patient, aged 39. She first came to see Dr. Yao because she had been diagnosed as Infertility with Blocked Fallopian Tubes, High FSH, Premature Ovary Function in 2007.

    Her Medical History: the patient had one abortion when she was 24 and one miscarriage at the age of 36. After that she could no longer get pregnant and was diagnosed as infertility. She then tried the IVF treatment, but somehow she did not have period for 2 months, her FSH was 34 and she had no ovulation at all. She then was recommended to see Dr. Yao an attempt to regulate her body, hoping that she could be pregnant again with her own eggs instead of relying on the donated eggs.

    Treatment: Dr. Yao treated her from Feb, 2007 to Jan, 2008 and the whole treatment included 3 consecutive periods.
    1. First Period (5 Months): During the first two months, Dr. Yao regulated the patient's hormone level and corrected the symptoms of early menopause with acupuncture and herbal medications. As a result, her period came back and remained to be regular all the time afterwards. 4 months later her ovulation was present in the BBT chart.
    2. Second Period ( 5 months) : The patient began with the IVF treatment, and several times IVF had to be stopped at the midterm because of the abnormity of FSH level, egg quality and E2 level. At this period, Dr. Yao continued to give the patient supportive treatment, regulated her hormone, released her stress and depression, and nourished her Qi and blood.
    3. Third Period ( 2 months ): In the last two months, she succeeded in obtaining one, but only one, good quality embryos for transfer. One month later, she was confirmed that she was pregnant again by ultrasound examination. During the first period of pregnancy, the patient also suffered from irregular vaginal bleeding, abdominal pain, stress, morning sickness, headache, fatigue, etc. Dr. Yao released all of these symptoms with acupuncture therapy and occasionally with herbal medications. At long last, in the October of 2008, the patient had her lovely healthy daughter.

    Case 2: A female patient, aged 35. The patient was referred to Dr. Yao because she wanted to get pregnancy in a natural way. This patient had suffered from irregular menstruation since she was a teenager. Her menstrual cycle was always delayed for 2 to 3 months. In other words, her period always came once every 3-4 months. She had been treated by several acupuncturists before. Although she had seen some progress with these treatments, however, once such treatments stopped, all the symptoms came back to her again. In Xing Lin Holistic Healing Center, after just 2 months of treatment, the patient's period began to be running normally. She then continued to be treated at the Center for 4 more months to keep up with the good result. After that, even though she stopped all the treatment, her period still remained to be normal all the time. Five months later, she was pregnant !

    Case 3: A female patient, aged 37. She had been diagnosed as unexplained infertility. She tried to get pregnancy when she was in her late 20's. A few years later, she took all kinds of examinations with no negative result to be found at all, but still she could not be pregnant. When she was 32 years old, she began to try the IVF treatment. As the 3 treatments of IVF (2 treatments in Florida, and one in New York) all ended up with failure, she decided to try one more IVF treatment. She was about to have her 4th IVF treatment in about 30 days when she was referred to Dr. Yao. Dr. Yao first gave her 2-3 acupuncture treatments a week and then focused on nourishing her Qi ( force of life ) and Blood (especially the circulation around uterus), regulated Yin and Yang. ( The patient always felt cold, especially at the four extremities. Therefore, it was important to tonify the kidney and spleen organs. In TCM theory, the former organ is the congenital resource and the back one is the acquired resource.) Dr. Yao also used 6 main acupoints to regulate her emotion and resolve her insomnia problem. Finally, in the July of 2007, this patient got pregnancy and in the April of 2008, we saw her little boy smile to us !

    Case 4: A female patient of 43 had been diagnosed as "Fibroid" (Size: 6x5x3cm) and had suffered for 6 years. Her menstrual cycle was on the whole normal, every 28-30 days, but she had heavy bleeding during the period. At other times, she had irregular bleeding and spotting all the time. This never stopped in the last 6 years. The Patient had 2 D&C treatments during this period, but did not see any improvement at all. Then she came to Dr. Yao and has been given treatments for a year and half. After the first 3 months of acupuncture and herbal treatment, her irregular bleeding and spotting finally stopped. The follow-up maintenance treatment was mainly to focus on the limitation of the development of the fibroids. The recent check-up showed the fibroid has been cut down to 3x2x1cm. Now the Patient feels good and she is leading a perfectly normal life.

    Case 5: Diagnosed as "Fibroids (5x4x2)", a female patient of 45 had suffered for 6 months and she was planning to have her surgery in one and half months. A friend of hers referred her to Dr. Yao, who treated her for one and half months with Acupuncture and herbal medications. Now her fibroids has been remarkably reduced and therefore, she cancelled the surgery altogether. After 6 months of consecutive treatment, her recent ultrasound examination shows the result is totally negative now.

    Case 6: A lady had been diagnosed as "anemia" when she was in the sixth month of her pregnancy with HB as 8.0g. The patient finally was referred to Dr. Yao for treatment. During the first three months of the treatment, the patient felt good, her HB changed to 13g and her lassitude was also corrected without any symptoms of dizziness, headache, or back pain. In 2007, her healthy baby boy was successfully delivered.

    Case 7: A lady of 48 went to see Dr. Yao in June, 2007. At that time, she was having the IUI treatment but without good result. She was going to have the IVF treatment in 2 months. After the blood test, she was told that her FSH had increased to 32. She then was recommended to see Dr. Yao. After 2 months of treatments (twice a week), her FSH level became normal again ! In the last month of the treatment, owing to her egg size and mature time, Dr. Yao treated her with IUI instead of IVF, and 30 days later she was pregnant !

    Case 8: In 2006, a female patient at the age of 26 came to see Dr. Yao because of her constant bleeding that had lasted for a whole month. This Patient was pregnant in Feb, 2006. Her first ultrasound examination during pregnancy was taken in the July of 2006, and according to this report, the fetus failed to develop when it grew to the 3rd month. That means that the fetus had stopped development but had stayed in the uterus for 2 months. After the D&C treatment, the patient still had symptoms of fatigue, irritability, crying all the time, insomnia, dizziness, low fever, abdominal pain, and constant bleeding with bad smells of the blood and vagina discharge. Dr. Yao gave her 3 weeks of treatment as the first procedure, the result was her fever and bleeding were all gone and her emotion was better too. After that, Dr. Yao continuously helped to regulate her period, nourish the uterus and clear the toxic substances in the body. Six months later, this patient was pregnant again, and now she is having a happy life with a one-year-old healthy daughter around her!

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  • Patient speak

    Dear Dr. Yao:
    Thank you for the excellent care and for helping make our dreams come true!!! Little boy is better than we imagined! All our best,

    E, S+G

    Thank you, thank you, Dr. Yao:
    I can't believe I am pregnant at this age, thank you, thanks again.


    Dr. Yao, I am pregnant!!! I don't try any other method except your acupuncture and herbs. Thank you, it's two months now.


    Dr. Yao, welcome back to America, I've finished all herbs that you gave me, you know what happened, "I am pregnant!!!" Can I make appointment this morning, I think I do need treatment…


    Dear Dr. Yao:
    Thank you so much, this is the first time I haven't had irregular bleeding in these several years. First time, no irregular bleeding and spotting, I have my normal life back.


    Hello, Dr. Yao:
    Thank you for the crème for my son, His underarm is healing very nicely. My hand is really healing beautifully since you have given me the herbs and cream for my hands. This is the best I have seen it in years. I am at peace with this. Thank you, Dr. Yao


    Thanks, Dr. Yao. I'll follow your advice. Thank you so much for curing my cough. For the first time in more than one year, I can enjoy a normal life. What you did for me in the last two months is what American doctors and specialists failed to do with thousands of dollars in more than one whole year. I'm very grateful for your help.
    Please keep my records in your file, though, in case I have a relapse in the future and need your help again. Thank you again for your help.